‘Hotel Impossible’ Featuring Myrtle Beach Hotel Airs

If you spotted someone in a business suit on the beach back in January, it was probably the Travel Channel’s Anthony Melchiorri.

It was in January that a film crew was in town shooting an episode of the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible. For those of you who don’t know, this is a reality show where Melchiorri, visits failing hotels and gives them a plan for success. The episode, titled “Making Waves” aired this past Monday.


Melchiorri has been in the hotel rescuing business for over twenty five years.and owns a hotel consulting company in New York. From my understanding of other episodes featuring the swaggering, formally suited businessman/host, sometimes his suggestions don’t go down so well.

The hotel  featured here is the former Carnival Motor Inn located at 2502 North Ocean Boulevard. To say that the Carnival Inn, a low rise hotel sandwiched between two towers, was a bit “outdated” would have been a wild understatement. Truth be told it appeared to barely be habitable.


Although Melchiorri is often at odds with the targeted hotel owners who disagree about what needs to be done to turn their hotels around, everyone got on surprisingly well here given the scope of the challenge. Maybe it’s just that people in Myrtle Beach are so danged nice!

From the look of things on the Carnival  Inn’s  new website, complete with their new name, which is unveiled during the episode, everything is working out well for the Brickwedde family, the hotel’s owners. Before and after photos on the Travel Channel blog confirm that things are much improved.

The opening scene shows Melchiorri donning a disguise to check into the hotel so the owners and employees don’t recognize him. His mustache and toupee were ridiculous– creepy, even. (Ahem–but indeed if he were on Ocean Boulevard in this disguise, I’m not sure he wouldn’t stick out at all.)

Next he and a group of people posing as arriving guests experience checkin just as anyone else would at the hotel. I was so happy that the front desk  employee did an excellent job of answering the questions the crowd fires at him.

By the time he comes clean about his true intent, Melchiorri “gets comfortable” by changing into his signature business suit. This is when I really got into the show. Melchiorri and the hotel owners even hold their business meetings Myrtle Beach style – on the beach. I enjoyed this episode both because it took place here and because it was interesting to learn about building a successful hotel business model in this area. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing this host when he’s more confrontational without such nice people to work with!

To find out what happened you can currently watch ‘Making Waves’ on demand through Time Warner Cable.

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